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JOY has been supplying precision-machined parts and assembling core automobile chassis and Engine products.

1992.08 JOY Engineering established
1994.02 Registered as a contractor on MANDO
1997.12 Developed rocker arm and plate for Mitsubishi Heavy Industry of Japan
2000.06 Completed construction of the Sihwa Factory
2001.03 Qs-9000 , and ISO-9002 certified
2004.06 Established China plant in Beijing, China
2005.12 Established the technology research center
2006.03 ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 9001 certified
2010.08 Certified as a small business of management innovation
2011.12 JOY Co., Ltd. incorporated
2012.03 Venture business certified
2015.04 OSUNG R&A Investment established
2015.06 Innobiz certified